Date – 17th December 2022

Odisha Corporate Foundation (OCF) is a Pioneering Organization born out of the collective commitment of eminent industry veterans, serving / retired officials of Government, and experts from diverse industries & geographies to bring Entrepreneurs and Industry professionals of Odisha origin to a single platform to leverage the collective leadership to create a culture of entrepreneurship and re-establish Odisha as a Global Enterprise HUB. OCF is building the world’s 1st Community Based Global Network of Odias. The OCF- NATIONAL STARTUP CONCLAVE-17th December 2022 was held for recognition and encouragement to the Startup’s agnostic of sectors & stages of growth. The vision of the Conclave is to bring together successful Start-ups, innovators, venture capitalists, mentors, consultants, policy-makers, and industry spearheads from all over the country. Startup Odisha nominated 10 recognized Startups for participating in the event with their innovative products. The conclave was held in Delhi.