O-Hub’s 1st Anniversary was celebrated on 18th December 2022 to look back at the year that it was and celebrate its many feats of achievements. O-Hub is entirely and wholly operated by the Government of Odisha as a world-class incubation space that has been catalyzing the state in strengthening the startup culture and has built a strong and inclusive ecosystem for innovation and entrepreneurship in Odisha. It is actively working towards the scaling-up of ideas towards a sustainable business model with a high potential for employment generation and wealth creation in the state.

During the event, the O-Hub booklet was launched. The booklet enlisted the saga of events and activities carried out at O-hub since its inception in 2021. Also, a Mentor-connect Platform was launched to help startups find the correct mentor for expert guidance and support. Further, 28 new startups from various sectors including Agri-tech, Waste management, Green Technology, etc were on board at O-Hub.
Date – 18th December 2022