In order to register or avail monetary benefits under the Startup Odisha initiative, one of the selection criteria is being funded through an angel network recognised by Startup Odisha initiative.

Selection of Angel Network

For an angel network entity to register with Startup Odisha, it would be required to submit an application online and will have to submit following documents:

  • Incorporation Structure
  • Investment facilitation declaration duly certified by a registered Chartered Accountant/statutory auditor authorizing the funding.

All such applications need to be carefully reviewed by the Startup Secretariat and will be approved by the Startup Council. Result will be emailed to Angel Network directly and will also be published online.

Interaction Facilities

In order to facilitate interaction of Startups with the Angel Investors, Venture Funds and Angel Network, for their funding, it has been decided to make available free of cost the IPFC Seminar Hall (approximately 60 seat capacity) equipped with projector and internet connectivity. For availing the facility, Angel Investors, Venture Funds and Angel Network may send request on email to Startup Secretariat (Startup[dot]odisha[at]gov[dot]in), with a copy to Shri Madan Mohan Mohapatra, Startup Coordinator (madan2971[at]gmail[dot]com) at least a week in advance.