ଆଇସିଟି ନୀତି 2014

This policy attempts to put in place a conducive environment for investment through strategic initiatives, concessions and facilitation so that Odisha could capitalize on the growth opportunities in the IT/ITES/ESDM sector and eventually emerge as one of the leading states. The policy also aims at encouraging the young talent pool to acquire higher degree of employability skills in the Knowledge Economy.

  • Concerned Department; Electronics and Information technology department ,Govt of Odisha


To develop IT/ITES/ESDM industries for inclusive growth and employment in the state of Odisha and leverage IT & ITES in governance to transform the state to a knowledge driven welfare society for improving the quality of life of citizens.


Sectors/areas which are identified for active promotion with special financial and policy benefits, in the present Policy are:

  • Start-ups and MSME Units
  • Products and R&D/ innovation Firms
  • Local/Women Enterprises
  • Incubation Centres in Educational Institutions & Private sector
  • Electronic System Design and Manufacturing (ESDM).
  • Entertainment IT (Visual Effects, Animation, Gaming)
  • Level ICities
  • IT Parks/lTSEZs/lTClusters
  • Mega IT Projects
  • IT Education

TARGET 2020;

The State of Odisha aspire to achieve following milestones by 2020 with effective implementation of this ICT policy.

  • To attract 10 leading IT/ITES & 5 leading ESDM companies to the State.
  • To achieve a gross ICT Turnover( including exports of software and IT services, ESDM, Domestic consumption and Training ) of USD 4 Billion (Rs. 24,000 Crores)
  • To achieve direct employment of 60,000 professionals in 800 IT/ITES/ESDM units.
  • To create a build-up space of 60 lakh square feet and a developed land bank of 2000 acres for IT/ITES/ESDM sectors.

Download Pdf ;https://www.odisha.gov.in/Application/uploadDocuments/document/DOC20190205_184607.pdf

Visit Website; https://it.odisha.gov.in/Content/22/86#:~:text=ICT%20Policy%202014%20has%20a,the%20daily%20life%20of%20citizens.