Odisha Startup Initiative

Startup Odisha Initiative

• To emerge amongst the top 3 “Startup Hubs” in India by 2020 through strategic partnership, conducive ecosystem, investment and policy intervention.
• To unleash the potential of women entrepreneurship in Odisha by encouraging at least 33% of the Startups with Founders/Co-Founders as women.

  • Build a holistic Startup ecosystem in Odisha to enable the State to become one of the top three Startup destinations in the country
  • Implement a supportive regulatory framework and robust governance structure that enables hassle-free, time bound statutory clearances and monitoring
  • Develop a world class “Startup Hub” in Odisha by 2020
  • Encourage incubators including sector specific ones aligning with the State’s strengths and requirements
  • Create enabling environment and supporting eco-system that facilitates at least 1,000 Startups in next five years in the state
  • Create a strong institutional framework for effective implementation, monitoring and evaluation of this initiatives